Family law

Attorney at law Anna Tzali counsels and represents you competently in the sensitive area of familiar disputes. In addition, the method of mediation offers the possibility of interest reflecting and mutually agreed solutions.

Family law includes in particular the areas of:

  1. -Prenuptial agreements – separation agreements and divorce agreements

  2. -Separation

  3. -Divorce – by mutual consent as well as disputable divorce

  4. -Alimony payment – separation alimony, after marriage alimony, child support, parent support, change of alimony titles

  5. -Disputes of properties - equalization of the accrued gains (Zugewinnausgleich)

  6. -Pension rights adjustment – assignment of retirement pension expectancy

  7. -Right of contact and access

  8. -Right of custody

  9. -Preliminary legal protection – children, alimony, protection against violence, custody deprivation

  10. -Civil union

  11. -International family law – partner from abroad

  12. -Legal support service