Mediation – the cost-efficient and time saving alternative for conflict solving with sustainable solutions.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary procedure in order to solve conflicts out of court. The aim of mediation is to find interest reflecting solutions for a conflict and to conclude legally binding agreements.

The structured procedure offers the opportunity to find sustainable settlements in a time saving and cost efficient way.

Court proceedings are decided by a third person and only know a winner and a looser. By using mediation you are able to develop your own solutions because you are the one who knows the most about your conflict.

In the beginning a time frame will be set where you determine the aspects of the conflict circumtances. These will be discussed in detail and all interests will be considered. A reduction to legally relevant circumtances is not conducted.

Due to the principle of voluntariness, the personal responsibility and the extensive handling of the conflict itself, sustainable and integral solutions can be found. Therefore, further court proceedings become needless which saves not only time, costs and energy but especially such agreements even help to get along with each other in future. Consequently, mediation offers the opportunity to get more than a judgment by law.